The Verbruggen Group, our history and our values

The Verbruggen company was founded in 1979 by Marc Verbruggen in Drogenbos. It was initially a small family business, involved in construction and renovation. A single blue van would travel the streets of Brussels, going from one building site to the next. Today, there are now 30 of these distinctive, blue vans, which travel between the workshop and the renovation sites.

The workforce has grown in a similar manner. The company now employees 45 people across the four departments: renovation, carpentry, electrical and security, as well as the design office. While the Verbruggen Group has changed significantly, it retains the spirit of a family business, where everyone is involved in the project, ensuring responsiveness and assisting with decision-making.

Many clients in the banking, pharmaceutical, retail, industrial and interior fittings sectors, as well as private individuals, put their trust in the Verbruggen Group. Over the past 40 years, we have completed 10,000 projects, showing the value and experience of all our teams.

Always striving for excellence, the Verbruggen Group is constantly modernising itself. The company has invested in cutting-edge equipment and tools, and also focuses on staff training.

The building sector is constantly changing. New techniques and materials are constantly emerging and it is essential that we, as a general building contractor and our teams are trained in them. Our employees and teams share this desire for excellence and enjoy putting their expertise to work.

Quality, professionalism and timeliness

The work ethic and dedication of our teams ensures optimal results. A genuine family business, the Verbruggen Group offers competitive, quality solutions for all your construction and renovation projects.

A blue van at your renovation site is a guarantee of a successful, stress-free project with a high-quality result. It is also a promise that your project will be completed professionally and within the given deadline.

For more information about our clients and previous projects, and depending on your project, learn more about our renovation, carpentry, electrical and security departments, as well our design office.