Design office

You have a project, a concept, a particular detail in mind, but you still need to make sure that it is feasible. Our design office will help you visualise your idea, consider its implementation and refine each detail, as well as seek out and suggest to you alternative solutions that would meet your requirements.

We carry out a preliminary study(examining needs, feasibility and location) and, if necessary, specifications to describe your project, the decision-making criteria and the various options.

With 40 years of experience in the building sector and the production of custom furniture, we follow and anticipate trends to offer the best solutions available in interior decoration.

Interior fittings and adapted furniture

In addition to technical details and aesthetics, our design office is particularly mindful of ergonomics. Technological discoveries and ergonomic studies regularly result in changes to how we live and work. We help you to optimise your surroundings and design interior fittings and  furniture adapted to how you live and work.

Our designers, working with cutting-edge tools,  ensure that your desires are fully met.

Contact us to discuss your needs and project.

2,500 m2 workshop space – 30 vehicles

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